In the future society that Marx envisioned, there would be no need for a page like this. As members of a truly egalitarian society, we would have enough time to devote to an endeavor such as this without negatively impacting our ability to provide for the necessities of life. Of course, in a truly egalitarian society, an endeavor like this wouldn’t be necessary in the first place, except maybe to remind people of the path that Capitalism once had us traveling.

But this is not the reality of our Material Conditions. We are members of the Working Class, with financial burdens and family responsibilities that we must fulfill. The mission we have taken upon ourselves at The Modern Marxist is not one that is likely to be rewarded by the Capitalist system. And so, as our Material Conditions demand it, we ask for your support as you are able.

We understand that the vast majority of our audience will be unable to provide any financial support – the poorest among us are those who need this knowledge the most – and as such, we will never charge for any of our content. It will remain free for all. However, there are those among us who will not miss a few bucks a month, and every little bit will go a long way to helping us continue to create this content, so that we might educate people and push back against the Anti-Marxist propaganda that the Working Class has been force fed for generations. So, we ask that, if you happen to be one of those people who can spare a little bit of currency here and there, consider contributing to our cause. Many of us are unable to engage in Direct Action, but in the Revolution, Material Support is just as important at Direct Action. The same holds true here. Perhaps supporting The Modern Marxist can be just one of the ways in which you contribute to the liberation of the Working Class.

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