Bash The Fash – An Observational Analysis of #AllOutAugust

For a year now, we’ve heard Liberal cries of “Be civil with Nazis! Ignore them and they’ll go away! Violence only begets violence!”

In the year since Heather Heyer was brutally murdered and dozens of others injured by a Nazi who drove his car into a crowd of protesters, we’ve been told “Well, maybe if the Left wasn’t so aggressive, they might not be Nazis!”

Gaslighting and victim-blaming.

Today, after the remembrance of the tragic events in Charlottesville, and the dismal failure of “Unite The Right 2″ in Washington DC, we have some things to think about.

I’ve seen cautious but foolhardy optimism of the Alt-Right losing popular support. I’ve seen outright declarations that White Supremacy is dying. I’ve seen people STILL decrying Anti-Fascist organizing and direct action, claiming that the results we saw over the past two weeks are a natural cycle of White Supremacy and racism in the US.

And I’ve seen warnings that Nazi and White Supremacists are NOT actually fleeing into the shadows again, but merely regrouping and strategizing.

Of all of these, the latter is the one I am most inclined to agree with. After all, it wasn’t 20 Nazis and 200 cops, it was 220 Nazis.

Portland, OR – 4 August 2018

The first of the events that All Out August was organizing against was yet another Joey “We Are Proud To Hide Behind Cops” Gibson’s Patriot Prayer, bringing along with him the usual band of chucklefucks, and inviting White Supremacists and fascist groups from all over the country. Despite constantly claiming that the Left employs “paid protesters” (claims which are nothing more than the thinly veiled Anti-Semitic propaganda of the 4Channer troll conspiracy that George Soros funds Antifa as part of his diabolical plan to keep control of the world in the hands of some sinister yet completely non-existent Jewish cabal) Gibson and the rest of the cowards actually raised funds to bus in, feed, and shelter their Nazi pals for this event. Paid protesters, indeed.

Portland had been preparing for this, and this time around it wasn’t just anarchists and communists that were organizing. This time, we saw actual community support. In the weeks leading up to the event, numerous letters to local news publications showed a general community feeling of being fed up with Gibson and these rallies that take up so much of the city’s resources. Portland as a whole is sick of Gibson and the rest of these assholes, and they showed up to make sure Patriot Prayer heard them.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t say “Portland as a whole” because there was one very powerful organization in Portland that showed up to defend and protect the Nazis – you know ‘em, you hate ‘em. I’m talking about the good ol’ Portland Police Department.

Outnumbering the Nazis by a long stretch, protesters lined up by the hundreds to inform Gibson and his crew that they weren’t welcome in Portland. Police kept the groups separated, insofar as that separation meant only that they kept the protesters at bay while the Nazis were able to roam freely in and out of both crowds. As the marches moved from location to location, one couldn’t help but notice that the cops were not concerned at all with the Nazis behind them, and only faced the people who were there to protest these genocidal fascists. An agency that is paid for by taxpayer dollars, and is put in place ostensibly to “protect and serve” those taxpayers, would rather take aim at those community members than to protect them against the Nazis that it has been made perfectly clear are NOT welcome in Portland. Go figure.

Then came the attack.

In recent Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys rallies in Portland (And aren’t they all exactly the same anyway?), we saw the far-right attack the Left without so much as a hint of police interference. This is, of course, far different than when the police see the Left attack the far-right – the Blue Knights always defend fascists against anti-fascists, and never the other way around. For a shining example, Joey Gibson cut a deal with police to allow Patriot Prayer to bring weapons into the rally area without being searched, and were allowed to exit that area just as freely to roam the city and stalk, harass, and attack Portlanders and AntiFascists.

But this time, the attack was neither Patriot Prayer attacking Antifa, nor was it Antifa attacking Patriot Prayer (which, unless provoked, is hardly ever the case anyway). No, this time it was the Portland Police who attacked the Left, and despite their dubious claims to the contrary, the attack on Leftist counter-protesters was not provoked.

Of course I am biased in support of Antifa, but you don’t have to take my word for it. There are countless witnesses – including journalists with actual photographic and video evidence – that counter the State’s official position that Portland PD retaliated against counter-protesters after being pummeled with “thrown projectiles”. Yet video after video shows the exact opposite of that. And the brutality did not stop there.

In one video, we see an Indigenous counter-protester being followed, assaulted, and then violently thrown to the ground by Portland PD AS SHE WAS WALKING AWAY FROM THEM.

Another counter-protester was sent to the hospital after PPD launched a crowd-control grenade directly at their head at POINT BLANK RANGE. This individual’s life was saved by only the few centimeters of protection given by their helmet.

Meanwhile, photos of police smiling as they launched the potentially deadly explosives at citizens’ heads have yet to be answered for.


As per usual, the offending party is “investigating themselves”, and, well, we all know exactly how that will play out.

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw even went so far as to appear on a conservative talk radio show (confirmation bias, anyone?) to talk about some of the recent happenings in Portland, including the clearing of the Occupy ICE encampment and, yes, the AntiFascist protest against the far-right. To absolutely nobody’s surprise at all, she defended the actions of the department, reiterating the blatant and PROVABLE lies that the Portland PD’s reaction was in retaliation for aggression and provocation on the part of AntiFascists and AntiRacists.

She still has yet to answer to anybody disputing those claims with video and photographic evidence. And why would she? Cops and Klan go hand in hand, and agents of the State are always protected by the State.

On August 4, 2018, in the heart of ultra-“Liberal” Portland, OR, the city’s police force, without provocation, instigated and escalated a situation which allowed them to brutalize people in the name of defending Nazis and White Supremacists. The fascists protected fascists. And the events that unfolded that day are the most damning evidence of fascism not just being upheld but actively enforced by the State, and an enraging demonstration of exactly how fascist ideology is protected and assisted by Liberalism.

Berkeley, CA – 5 August 2018

If the actions of the Portland PD the day before were typed up into a memo and sent out to the rest of the police departments across the US, Berkeley PD must have helped out with the drafting of that memo. As the far-Right took their traveling circus further down the West Coast, we saw much of the same.

While there was decidedly less “open season”-style attacks against counter-protesters than we saw in Portland – probably bullet point #3 in that memo; “Don’t make it look so obvious that you are only protecting Nazis, but do exactly that anyway” – there was most certainly still an obvious bias of the pigs to the fascists. And, of course there was.

As far-right YouTubers, conspiracy peddlers, and live streamers waited to eagerly yell at people from behind their complimentary security detail provided by the city, what has been obvious to the Left for a long long time should be plain to see for Centrist Liberals cowering under the “Civility NOW!” banner – there is no talking to these people. They don’t want to hear it, they see empathy as weakness, and they are much more comfortable believing that White Genocide is actually a thing.

A few minor scuffles broke out here and there, but nothing like we’ve seen in Berkeley in the recent past. Where, previously, either side had emerged victorious over the other in numerous brutal street battles, this time there was far less actual hand-to-hand combat to be found. This was partly due to the success that Berkeley PD had in keeping the two factions separated, but make no mistake – had they not succeeded in those efforts, they absolutely would have taken the side of the fascists as Portland PD did the day before.

As crowds yelled chants like “Nazis Go Home!!!” and “No More Charlottesvilles!!!” at the drastically outnumbered fash, the cops were always ready to give their loyal bootlickers assistance whenever they could. And when the counter-protest march was on the move, the Berkeley PD cornered them in a bottleneck caused by construction and started the assault of flash bangs and rubber bullets.

Just like in Portland, the vast majority of the violence that occurred in Berkeley on August 5 was at the hands of the police, and directed at AntiFascist and AntiRacist protesters. Decked out in full riot gear, padded and armored against any possible counter-attack, and armed with weapons of brutality and suppression, the police attacked the group that was protesting a bunch of bootlickers wearing shirts that idolized a fascistic US puppet dictator and the sickening violent oppression he showed towards people opposed to his regime. What a world to live in.

But, as disgusting and terrifying as this is, it’s Sesame Street shit compared to how terrifying the next act of the Berkeley PD was. These ruthless pigs, who come to the defense and assistance of fascists at every opportunity, actually gave the far-right a helping hand and a tactical advantage when they doxxed counter-protesters. That’s right – the police publicized the faces, names, and locations of AntiFascists that had been arrested. On Twitter, no less.

And, of course, even after the pigs blatantly and publicly endangered AntiFascists, Extremely Online Bootlickers came to the defense of the pigs’ actions. Seemed like every Twitter account that called out this egregious targeting of AntiFascists as purely fascistic intimidation, this public invitation for retaliation against those opposed to the now-obviously State endorsed fascist activities of far-right racists, was inundated with replies trying to say that it was no different than a normal Police Blotter. “It’s public record, dummy!” Maybe it is, but that in and of itself is problematic as fuck, especially when our supposed “justice” system is ostensibly curtailed to consider people innocent until proven guilty. In the day and age of Google, where searching a person’s name can lead to online police blotters, publicizing arrests – even potentially false or unjustified arrests – nullifies any romantic concept of “Blind Justice” concept.

But to take it further, to actually Tweet out mugshots and personal info of these particular arrests reeks of retaliation against dissenters. I might be inclined to buy the whole “It’s public record!” argument IF Berkeley PD Tweeted out the mugshots and info of every single person that they arrest every single day. But they don’t. So to say that this wasn’t public doxxing targeted at AntiFascist activists is, at best, naivety of just how tyrannic the cops are, and, at worst, actual support for the fascist tactics of State actors.

Even worse than this, it is clear to me that this open retaliation against the Left as a whole – a warning message to dissenters that our existence will not be tolerated on any level – was not in any way on a whim. This wasn’t some rookie cop that they handed their social media presence to. This was the result of a direct order handed down from the top. The only question, really, is did this order come from the top of the Berkeley Police Department? Or did it come from the top of one of the White Supremacist organizations that have infiltrated police departments across the so-called United States?

And, in the end, that rhetorical question doesn’t matter in the slightest. They are one and the fucking same. The actions of the Portland and Berkeley Police Departments demonstrate beyond any shadow of a doubt that the State has given the green light to fascist and White Supremacist organizations to do whatever they damn well please. All Cops Are Bastards. And they all – every last one of them – always have and always will uphold the institutions built on the fundamental fascism and White Supremacy that this country was founded on.

Charlottesville, VA – 11 & 12 August 2018

Unlike Portland and Berkeley, there was no far-Right rally or Nazi demonstration scheduled or actively promoted for either day of that weekend in Charlottesville. But, understandably, many believed that there would be a strong showing of White Supremacists in C-Ville on the anniversary of the “Unite The Right” rally that resulted in the brutal murder of Heather Heyer. I mean, seriously, they’ve been celebrating her death for a fucking year now. I certainly thought that the fash would return in force to rub it in this community’s face.

But, just like autocorrect keeps wanting to turn “fash” into “fish”, these gutless cowards only follow the direction of the rest of the group. These so-called “free thinkers” can’t show up in force unless someone tells them to. But the Charlottesville community? No gutless cowards. Strong. Resilient. Took their streets back and kept them. It wasn’t the cops, it wasn’t the city council, it wasn’t the centrists begging for “civility” so they could sit in their living rooms, eating their chicken wings and watching “Real Housewives of Bourgeois County” with no worries. It was a community of people that were tired of being terrorized.

One year ago, a White Supremacist who doesn’t even deserve a name much less a tombstone or memorial, drove his car into a crowd of AntiFascist and AntiRascist protesters, murdering Heather and injuring dozens more. Certainly at least SOME Nazis would show up. And there were a few, but their banners were not flying and their presence was virtually undetected.

Good. Let the cowards hide. They were scared, and that’s GOOD.

But, as I said, I among others assumed that at least SOME Nazis would show up just to harass and intimidate and continue the community terrorism that began a year ago. But no matter if they didn’t. People were gonna honor her memory no matter what, and if some fash showed up needing to be acquainted with the pavement, well, sure as shit they would be obliged.

Of course, the cops had other plans, and even in the absence of any large contingent of White Supremacists, the police still harassed and intimidated those who gathered to honor our fallen comrade. The State, with no provocations whatsoever, took it upon itself to uphold and enforce the terrorism of Unite The Right, and to endorse the murder of those who would stand up to White Supremacy and fascism.

The evening of August 11 in Charlottesville, VA was supposed to be a memorial to Heather and her bravery in the face of brutal, genocidal, sociopathic fascists. An event organized and hosted by UVA’s “Students Act Against White Supremacy” was intended to be a peaceful public assembly – y’know, the kind that you would think people sworn to uphold the US Constitution would applaud. Instead, about a half an hour after this demonstration of honoring Heather, and a community in the process of mourning and healing, was accosted by police in full riot gear.

Completely appropriate, chants of “Why are you in riot gear? We don’t see no riot here!” arose, but under threat of violence and abuse, the crowd of close to 1000 began to move. Cops used their standard tactics of kettling and wedging divides in the crowd. With locked arms, shields, and clubs, the police did exactly what a fascist contingent would do – harass and intimidate a community standing up to reclaim their home against Nazis.

As the crowd moved, the Naz- *ahem* excuse me – the POLICE lined the streets on either side, targeting demonstrators arbitrarily. Literally picking people out of the crowd for no reason other than being there.

And, lifting my own spirits, there were a whole bunch of de-arrests. Beautiful people standing up for their comrades against the fash waving banner AND the fash wearing badges. Oh, indeed, it was a beautiful sight to behold, and I wish that I had actually been there to witness and assist.

De-arresting tactics are VITAL. Learn them, people. Use them. As we saw with J20, and the dismissal of those cases, Black Bloc tactics are vital to the survival of any revolutionary Leftist movement. De-arresting is one of them. Learn it. Use it.

The next day, August 12, we saw more of the same. Once more, where we expected fash flying Nazi flags would confront AntiFascists in the streets, pigs took their place. Perhaps the most blatant of these actions was the refusal of the police to allow demonstrators access to the site where Heather Heyer’s life was brutally taken.

Imagine if you lost a dear friend or family member, and the police organized against you and other survivors visiting the place of that person’s death. Never mind, you don’t have to imagine it. Because it happened.

Now, imagine how you would feel if a forced of armed, armored, badged, and aggressive fascist collaborators kept you from visiting Grandpa Joe’s gravesite. Or Cousin Eli. Or Your sister. Or your mother.

Unbelievable, were it not for the actual evidence. Enraging because of that evidence.

Just like in Portland and Berkeley the weekend before, the Charlottesville suppression is another very clear demonstration of just how fascistic the State is, and of the aggression that the State deploys against dissent. And, if you gather nothing more from this writing, at least take this away with you – it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. I promise you that. As social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are in the midst of cracking down on Leftists (as of this writing, Telesur and Occupy on Facebook, and various leftists Twitter accounts, have all been suspended or permanently banned), without a network built to combat this silencing of dissent, the US Left is most certainly doomed.

Washington DC – 12 August 2018

Oh, my. Poor Jason.

Unite The Right 2 was a flop. A joke. Less than 30 fash showed up. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of protesters showed up to face them. In what was supposed to be the actual organized anniversary of the first Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville (why was Jason scared to come back to C-Ville?), it wasn’t really out of the realm of possibility that hundreds of Nazis and fascists would show up to DC. After all, we’ve seen the crowds Joey Gibson pulls on the West Coast. Why wouldn’t hundreds of racist shitheels show up in DC?

Well, part of it can be attributed to Nazis being warned by the Daily Stormer not to attend. But what does that say about Jason Kessler? Has he been shunned by the far-Right for some reason?

Who can say, except the fash and Kessler himself? Regardless, Kessler is floundering. Honestly, nothing is greater than the video where Kessler, in video conference with Patrick Little, another Nazi shitheel, is attempting to do a live stream from his dad’s basement, where he now lives. The beauty is when his dad interrupts to tell Kessler to clean his god damn room.

I, an adult who does not live with my parents, is a parent myself, and supports my own household, have been accused so. many. times. of being a denizen of my own parent’s basement. As have many, many Leftists. This is sweet vindication for me. For US. Own this shit, Jason, you sad excuse for a human being.

All that said, the UTR2 rally was a joke, at least in the public view. However, there was a lot more behind the scenes that holds true with everything we saw in Portland, Berkeley, and Charlottesville over these days.

Guess who had the fascists’ back this whole time. No, really, take a wild guess. Shot in the dark. Your first two guesses don’t count if you get them wrong.

Ah, yeah, you got it the first time, didn’t you? Yep, it was the cops. It was the cops and the State.

So, while Kessler’s UTR anniversary rally – less than 30 fascists confronted by hundreds or thousands of protesters – showed a lack of broad support for the far-Right, this ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE CAN RELAX. Just because nobody showed up on this day does NOT mean that nobody will show up tomorrow. In fact, in my opinion, it means that we need to show up EVEN STRONGER next time. This was a warning shot to the far-Right. Next time needs to be an ultimatum.

White Supremacy is not dead, not even close, no matter how few assholes showed up to UTR2. In a systemic White Supremacist society, with racism and fascism ingrained in the institutions that society upholds through violence and coercion and imprisonment and slavery, White Supremacy can only be destroyed by destroying that entire system, and building something completely new in its place.

If you need evidence of this, look no further than the State assistance that Kessler and his tiny band of bootlicking asshats received.

Secret service escorts:

Private trains:

Complete redirection of traffic in DC:

All for a couple dozen Nazis. Millions upon millions of State dollars spent in protection of a couple dozen shit heads despite massive protests. If nothing else, this shows us, as it did in Portland, Charlottesville, and Berkeley, just what lengths the State will go to in order to uphold White Supremacy.

The Takeaway

When we talk about fascism rising, it’s not something new. It’s existed in some degree or another in this country ever since the first colonizers landed their ships and began systematically and brutally genociding and displacing indigenous peoples and importing enslaved Africans. The US has always been racist, and fascist, and brutal in its methods of oppression and crushing dissent. Slavery never ended, it just changed form. And the State will uphold these institutions as long as we allow it to. “Fascism rising” doesn’t mean we are seeing any “new trends” or a “resurrection” of far-Right ideology. It means that the fascism and racism that are inherent in U.S. politics and history is tightening its grip once more, seen both in government, as new technologies in surveillance techniques are developed and police department militarization continues to advance, as well as in the streets, as the State protects violent far-right extremists with its own brand of violent fascist extremism.

If we take anything from these past couple of weeks, from Portland, from Berkeley, from Charlottesville, and from DC, it should be this: The State is always and forever in the favor of whatever will keep the State’s power intact. The State apparatus as it exists today will never be taken into the hands of the Proletariat. The State does NOT protect us, it abhors us. WE keep us safe. And, our ability to do so is constrained only by our ability to communicate and organize.

In the light of these events, one thing should be clear to even the most precariously perched fence-sitters: without building our own networks of organization and community defense, we will never know true liberation from the fascism of the State and the Nazi scum it protects.

In solidarity,

William Forbin.

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